General Membership

General Membership $300 per year
General members will have access to the following benefits:
  • Vote - able to vote as a member at the MCC annual meeting.

  • Private Invitation - Corporation Member Events.

  • Advocacy - promotes the interest of minority construction contractors and related entities.

  • Certifications - refers and assists in the preparation of various designation certifications i.e DAS, MBE, Section 3, HUB Zone and DBE interstate certifications.

  • Capital Access - work with organizations to provide information on capital funding sources.

  • Connections - identify sub-contractors for partnership opportunities

  • Information - reviews and educates our members on current laws, policies and procedures that affect minority contractors in the government and public institutions.

  • Networking - provides exposure through networking opportunities within the construction industry.

  • Publicity - promotes and advertises member services and products through exposure on the MCC website and newsletter.

  • Resolution Management - provides mediation assistance.

  • Resources - provides referrals for minority contractors to obtain contracts.

  • Savings Program - provides membership discounts in areas such as merchant accounts, health care, bonding and insurance.

  • Training - provides seminars and workshops on industry standards, safety awareness and capacity building.