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We take pride in advancing the cause of minority contractors and workers. Whether you are a construction worker, skilled laborer, established business, new business, developer seeking a qualified workforce, you have come to the right place. You are invited to become a member.
MCC's commitment centers around advancing and supporting ethnic workers, union/non-union, contractors, developers and project owners state-wide. We have an obligation to identify and rectify challenges in the construction industry. Our goal is to build bridges between project owners, construction managers, general contractors, Minority-Owned businesses and the construction workforce. MCC will work with our members in growing their business, growing a professional profile, and advocating in the construction field. You are a part of an association with many voices who can speak as one strength.

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Crane Operators
Heavy Machinery
Steel & Structural Contractors

What can we
do for you?

  • Promote ethnic minority contractors and workers
  • Inform members of financing opportunities
  • Advocate on the behalf of our members
  • Provide forums for the success of ethnic minority businesses
  • Improve access to potential construction projects for ethnic minorities

A few facts about our council

We provide programs and services to promote growth and enhance the life of your company


MCC will continue providing services,information and resources to assist in breaking down systemic barriers that ethnic Minorities Contractors & Workers are met with when biding and seeking work on projects in Connecticut. We are your source!

Training Seminars

Our training classes offers the latest in Technology and Tools to get the job done. As a Contractor or Employee production and skilled craftsmanship is the bottom line.


The MCC has collaborated with Jobs Funnel & The Business Resources Center, to implement various degrees on training modules in the construction filed .

Contractor Networking

Networking is essential in fostering ties, connections, and healthy business relationships in the construction industry. Join our list of numerous contractors and workers.

West Middle

The West Middle School's last renovation was in the 1930's. The building is a Colonial Revival historic structure composed of three buildings.

The entire project was quite an undertaking requiring expert skills and craftsmanship. The gymnasium was constructed in 1910 and the Annex was erected in 1894. The goal of the project was to preserve the historic integrity of the building while updating the mechanical, electrical, and interior for students and faculty. The Minority Construction Council is proud have many MCC contractors lending dynamic product representative of professional work.

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We welcome the leadership of all your construction firms to become a part of a dynamic new future.